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News For 2019


       At the December annual general meeting a motion was passed that requires any guests who visit the range to complete and sign a liability waiver which is then witnessed and signed by the member who brought them out. The regulations appendix has been amended as follows:
    10 – GUESTS   Guests may use the range under the following conditions:
    a) That they be accompanied by a club member.
    b) That their name be printed into the log book, that they print and sign their name on the liability waiver form and have it 
    witnessed and signed by the club member who will then put the form in the appropriate container. Guests must complete the waiver 
    every time they visit the range.
    c) That they follow the directions of the Range Officer.
    d) That there be no more than two (2) guests per member at any one time.
    e) Guests who have been to the range on two (2) previous separate occasions are expected to become members. It is not our intent 
    to create permanent guests.

    The waiver forms are in the main seacan close to the log book. Thank you.

       Time to renew your membership! Please take the time to complete an application and return it to the executive at a regular monthly meeting. REMEMBER - The locks have been changed and your key won't work! PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR KEY FROM LAST YEAR! HELP THE CLUB CONTROL COSTS!  Please bring your completed membership renewal form, your old range key stamped “C” and your $75 for one year, $150 for two years or $225 for three years. If you could bring the exact change (that would be helpful) or a cheque will do as well. For those members who did purchase multi-year memberships or who joined the club late in the year (after Oct 1st ) you may come in to exchange your old “B” key for a new one. Please remember to bring in your membership card to confirm that you have already paid for the upcoming year. Thank you.
  • Additional Membership Sign Up Days - January 2019
       We will be having Extra Membership Renewal Days on Tuesday, January 1st, from 7:00-9:00 PM; Friday, January 4th, from 7:00-9:00 PM; and Saturday, January 5th, from 1:00-3:00 PM at our regular meeting spot at the church hall. These are only for existing members; new members must attend a regular monthly meeting and complete the range safety orientation. Don't forget that renewals done prior to March 31st will have a $10 discount applied so it will only cost you $75 for the year or $150 for two years or $225 for three years. For those members who have already renewed for 2019 you will have to exchange your 2018 "C" key for the new 2019 "A" key. Please bring your membership card for validation to the extra days as noted above and don't forget your old key.