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News For 2018


       The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is poised to implement another gun registry that will target you as a firearms owner, rather than criminals, as the source of gang and gun violence in this country. This bill also will allow the unelected RCMP to create and impose firearms law with no parliamentary oversight or need for review. Sign this offical petition to register your opposition! Here are five letters which have been submitted to parliament outlining the glaring problems with this bill - read and learn.
       The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association ( DCRA Website ) will be hosting the National Service Conditions Championships at the Connaught ranges in Ottawa from August 30 to September 2. What are the NSCC? From the DCRA website: "NSCC is unique in the world. In no other country can civilians, military and law enforcement compete alongside each other with similar equipment. These matches have been in place for over a hundred years with some alterations to account for changes in equipment. All events are operationally oriented as applied to a conventional range with the emphasis on marksmanship skill." More information is available here. This event continues the long Canadian tradition of civilian and armed forces marksmanship excellence.
       Registration will be at 9:00 and first shots will be at 10:00am. Match fee for the shoot will be $20. During this shoot we will be using both Pistol Bays and the 25/50 yard Firing Line as well. The 100 yard Firing Line will remain open for other members to use. There will be two (2) separate divisions, one being "Limited" and the other "Open". Limited is a .22 LR caliber firearm (rifle or pistol) with iron sights (no optics) and no muzzle brakes. Open is a .22 LR caliber firearm (rifle or pistol) but is allowed to have optic sights, and other custom add ons. Shooters will compete in the division with other shooters with similar equipment to level the playing field. All courses of fire are on steel targets of varying sizes and distances typically consisting of 5 or 6 targets. Each course is shot 5 times with the slowest time being a throw away with the best times entered for score. Shooters can compete with pistol or rifle or both. Spare magazines are an asset, but there should be enough loaners available to help most shooters through the shoot, but please reach out so we can do our best to accommodate. The club has a Marlin 795 .22LR rifle with 5 magazines that you can borrow if you do not have a rifle to use. If you have any questions please contact Jody Waring at ---Please send Jody an email if you plan to attend, as it helps coordinate the match and plan for lunch.---


       Please plan on attending our range clean up day to assist in putting our facility back into proper condition for another season of use. We will begin at 9:00 am and continue into the early afternoon. Even if you can only spare an hour please come out and lend a hand. The list of tasks is located here - please have a look. UPDATE: Many thanks to the numerous club members who gave up a Saturday to come out to the range and help prepare it for another season of use. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and our club cannot exist without volunteers like you.
       There will be an IPSC Black Badge Course held on April 27-29, 2018. Friday April 27 will be a classroom session of 4-5 hours (venue to be determined) with Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th spent on the range with a qualification match held on Sunday. The cost of the course is $150 and includes a one year membership to IPSC-NB which allows you to compete in this sport anywhere around the world. IPSC is a Dynamic Extreme Sport which requires the safe and proficient use of firearms in a controlled environment. Competitors will be under direct supervision of a Range Officer at all times while engaging courses of fire. Search "IPSC" on YouTube and you will find thousands of videos from matches around the world. There are divisions covering nearly all firearms types. Production for out of the box striker fired and DA/SA guns, revolver, Classic division for single stack 1911's, Standard division for more race ready single action sport pistols, Open for guns with optics and muzzle breaks, and now Production Optics which is essentially a Production gun with a slide mounted red dot sight. Black Badge students will require a serviceable and safe handgun in 9mm or larger, preferably 4-5 magazines or speed loaders, a belt mounted holster that covers the trigger guard and belt mounted magazine holders to hold 3-4 magazines. Ammunition requirements are typically 500 rounds which should cover the match. Competitors will be required to successfully complete a written exam, and complete all practical drill requirements on the range as well as successful completion of the Sanctioned match on Sunday. Please be prepared to spend 8 hours at the range both days. If you are interested pre-registration is mandatory so contact Jody Waring at and you will be registered and course materials will be forwarded to you for review. If you have any questions, please contact Jody. Kind regards, Jody Waring
       Alex and Collin Niles, who compete at the national level in the challenging sport of biathlon, each received a donation of $500 to support their efforts. Both athletes are members of the Biathlon New Brunswick Team and are working very hard toward representing our province at the Canada Winter Games in 2019. As part of the mandate upon which our club is founded we advocate and support youth education in safe and responsible use of firearms for sporting activities. Shown is Alex Niles (left), Bill Nason-Club President (Center), and Blake Tibbetts-Club Vice President (Right).   


       This is a reminder that our next club meeting will be held on MONDAY MARCH 19th, at Saint Columba Presbyterian Church at 1454 Manawagonish Road at 7:00 PM. This will be the last meeting, for those of you who have not yet renewed their memberships for 2018, to take advantage of the early renewal discount of $10. If you can’t make the meeting please contact our Membership Secretary Tye Barter at 653-8230 or to make other arrangements. After March 31st your renewal will be at the regular rate of $85.00


       There will be an action pistol and rimfire rifle shoot this Saturday January 27th starting at 10AM. Competitors can use rimfire or centerfire pistol and rimfire rifle on steel plates and paper targets. Additionally, we will be running the "Know Your Limits" plate rack on the 50 Yard range as a separate event. If there is sufficient interest we will do some additional shooting with rimfire rifles on the 50 yard range. Just an FYI the KYL plate rack has targets that are quite small ( 2” Dia. Down to ¼” Dia.) so some magnification will be beneficial. ALL EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING AND A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WILL BE SENT FRIDAY EVENING. With the uncertainty of the weather we need to plan accordingly. Match fee is $10 and if you are interested in attending please send an email to Jody at Volunteers are welcome and nececessay! Let Jody know if you can help! See you Saturday! Here is a UTube video of a KYL shoot. Jody Waring
       Time to renew your membership! Please take the time to complete an application and return it to the executive at a regular monthly meeting. REMEMBER - The locks have been changed and your key won't work! PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR KEY FROM LAST YEAR! HELP THE CLUB CONTROL COSTS!  Please bring your completed membership renewal form, your old range key stamped “B” and your $75 for one year, $150 for two years or $225 for three years. If you could bring the exact change (that would be helpful) or a cheque will do as well. For those members who did purchase multi-year memberships or who joined the club late in the year (after Oct 1st ) you may come in to exchange your old “B” key for a new one. Please remember to bring in your membership card to confirm that you have already paid for 2018. Thank you.
       Due to the club being left with unsold cases, it has been decided that shells will only be purchased when a member makes a $10 non-refundable deposit per case. They will then have until July to pay in full, otherwise they will forfeit the case. Please contact Dave Greene if you wish to purchase shells. POWDER / PRIMER GROUP BUY   The club will be placing a group buy for powder & primers from Higginson as long as there is a minimum of 20 pounds of powder ordered. Please Contact Blake Tibbetts if you are interested.