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News For 2020


       Due to Saint John now being in a "Orange Level" we are forced to cancel our meeting scheduled for December 8th. The range will remain open for the members to use on an individual basis under the following conditions: First, upon entry please close and lock the main gate to prevent any unauthorized entry by the general public. Second, you must maintain your social distancing of 2 meters (6 feet). Third, you must wear a mask at all times you are on the range. Fourth, only one person is allowed in the main seacan at a time. There is an ample supply of masks, hand sanitizer and gloves for the membership to use. You still need to sign in for yourself and any guests you bring and make sure your guests complete the Liability Waiver form. If you have any questions please contact President Bill Nason.
       We have managed to procure 40 boxes (525 rounds each) of Federal .22LR Value Pack, 36 grain, HP, copper plated. These are on a first come first served basis for $40 per box tax included, limit of one box per member until Dec 9th. If not all are spoken for, then you may purchase additional boxes. Please contact Dave Greene ( ) to place your order.


       Due to the large number of members we now have, we are offering some extra options to do your membership renewals. The renewal fee is $75 per year and you can renew up to 3 years. You can now mail in your application form with a cheque to cover the number of years you want to join. Mail to FSSI, PO Box 27062 Lancaster, Saint John, NB, E2M 5S8. Also, you can email your renewal form to Tye Barter and your payment to Dave Greene via electronic transfer, use Fundy21 for the password. We will mail out your new membership card and you can drop in to exchange your range key on January 2nd when the locks are changed. We will also be having extra renewals days on December 28th and 29th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the KBM as well as January 2nd from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Masks and social distancing will be observed at all these events.
       There will be a Practical/Action Shooting match Saturday November 21 with two (2) separate events at Fundy Shooting Sports. On the two pistol ranges there will be a steel match for centerfire pistol, and pistol caliber carbines. Expect to shoot +/- 150 rounds. On the 100m range there will be a shotgun match with 50-60 rounds of birdshot (no buck shot or slugs). The match fee is $10 for each match and you are able to shoot both if you like. Please, on your registration, state what you would like to shoot and if you have questions Jody will do his best to answer. Preregistration is mandatory and you can do so by emailing and please make the subject line "Action Shooting". The 25/50 yard range will be open for the membership to use during this time. If you have any questions please contact Jody at the above email address. Registration closes November 20 at 6PM.


       Fundy Shooting Sports will be hosting a Rimfire Speed Steel competition on Saturday October 31st with first shots at 10:00 AM. On site registration opens at 9:30 AM. Please come early to help in the set up. Match fee: $20 - Round count:150 to 175 minimum, (bring extra!) - BBQ Lunch included in fee. Preregistration is mandatory and can be done via email to Please make the subject line "Rimfire Steel". Specify in your email what you will be shooting, rifle or pistol, and what division your firearm fits in. The match will have two (2) different divisions; Open, and Limited. Open allows red dot optics, muzzle brakes etc... Limited is iron sights only, no muzzle brakes. This match is open to .22 Long Rifle pistols and rifles only, and each competitor will compete with only one firearm, pistol or rifle. Courses of fire will have 5-6 steel targets of different sizes and shapes, and shot from multiple distances. Each competitor will shoot each course of fire five (5) times with the slowest time being a "throw away." Ideally you should have 5 magazines to run the 5 courses, but bring what you have and we will get you through the match. Cased pistols are mandatory for going to and from the firing line. Rimfire rifles will be transported to and from the firing line completely unloaded, muzzle up with chamber flag installed or bolt locked open for the interim. We will be gradually moving towards all firearms at events requiring chamber flags so please consider purchasing some, and the club has some for sale at $2 each. Registration will close Friday October 30th at noon. How fast can you go? Come out and give it a try. We will be following all provincial COVID19 requirements during the event. We will be giving away, on a draw basis a Ruger 10/22 (wooden stock) rifle with 4 spare magazines. All entrants will get a ticket on the draw and you may purchase up to 2 additional tickets for $10 each. If you would like to shoot this event and don't have a .22LR semi auto rifle the club has a Marlin Model 795 (open sights) with 5 magazines that any member can borrow and use for the day at no charge. You need only to provide your own ammunition. Please forward your registration and any questions via email to If you have anyone you would prefer to be squadded with, please include that info in your email.
       Fundy Shooting Sports Inc. is proud to host the George McGillivary 3-Gun Match on Saturday October 24, 2020. First Shots at 9:45 sharp, registration opens at 9:00AM with stage briefing at 9:30AM. Match fee $25, includes a BBQ lunch and drinks available on site. Competitors will compete using serviceable and safe firearms, and abide by stringent safety guidelines. Drawing from a holster will only be permitted by competitors that have completed an IPSC Black Badge course or other training which will require proof of such training. There will be provisions made for those who do not have the afore mentioned training. Courses of fire will require movement and we will be adhering to IPSC safety rules. Competitors will require spare magazines, and/or a means to reload each firearm during the course of fire for all three (3) firearms. Expect to shoot: 75 rounds of pistol, 50-60 rounds of birdshot, 8-10 slugs, 60+ rounds of rifle. Scoring will be hit factor scoring like what is used in IPSC and USPSA matches using Practiscore. Those who have a Practiscore account can register there, or you can send an email detaining all of the information below which is mandatory. Pistol: Make, model, caliber, sights, does it have ports or a muzzle brake. Shotgun: Make, model, gauge, sights, action type, does it have ports etc...Rifle: Make, model, caliber, sights, action type. No pistol caliber carbines, .223 or larger (Shots out to 100m). There are different divisions to ensure competitors compete against others with similar firearms. Please note that this event is geared toward experienced shooters and if you are relatively new with minimal experience this may not be a good event for you. That being said, please come and take a look as spectators are always welcome. Registration opens October 3/20. Please make the subject line "3 Gun" for your email registration and any inquiries. A link will be up on Practiscore soon. Please forward your registration and any questions via email to Please note that the range will be closed for all other activity for the day.
       We are holding a 200 yard rifle match at Fundy Shooting Sports. Looking to do something similar to an F Class event for scoped rifles, but a little more relaxed. It will be on Saturday, October 3rd, starting at 10:00 am. Scoring will be done via an electronic scoring system and RNBRA targets will be used. The registration fee is $10 per shooter, email Nick Munn ( to register. Registration is open to the first 24 people to register. We will be shooting two (2) strings of 15 shots, (2 sighters and 15 for score) for a total of 34 rounds. Shooting will be done from the benches and the prone position, shooters choice. If you do not have a rifle but would like to try this event a .308 and .223 rifle will be available for your use (bring your own ammo). If you have an IPad or other internet capable device, bring that to see your target hits. We will have loaners if you do not have a device. If you have any questions please contact Nick directly - . All other ranges will be closed to the membership during this shoot.


       This is a reminder that the range is closed for all shooting the entire week of Moose Season from Tuesday morning Sept 22nd until Sunday morning September 27th. Thanks for your cooperation in being a good neighbour.
       We will be having our annual Dana Russell Memorial Shotgun Shoot on Saturday September 19, 2020 (rain date will be Sunday September 20th). This year we are asking for preregistrations to be completed along with a $20 registration fee. You can send your registration fee by EFT, email, or in person at a Wednesday night shoot. The total cost of the shoot will be $60.00 for 100 clays. We will be accepting a maximum of 30 shooters so we are asking that anyone from the club that will be attending to complete the attached registration form and forward it and your fee to Dave Greene. If you have any questions please contact either Bill Nason at or 696-2279 or myself at or 674-1345/650-5563C. After September 6 if we do not have 30 shooters from our club registered we will be extending the invitation to other clubs so please let us know before then. A BBQ lunch will be included and there will be a draw for a Stevens 555 over/under shotgun. Everyone who is registered will get a ticket on the shotgun plus you may purchase up to two extra tickets on the gun for $10 each.

    We also need volunteers to help out with registration the day of the shoot, scoring, filling the throwers with clays at the shoot. So let us know what you can do to pitch in. Regards - David Greene, Treasurer


    Our 14th annual Dana Russell Memorial Shoot was held on Sept. 19/20 with 20 shooters in attendance. The winner was Dave Greene with a score of 84/100, second was John Leonard with a score of 82/100 and third place went to Stan McGrattan with an 81/100. High score for our Juniors went to Dale Mills with a 49/100. We would like to thank all those present who helped with the setup, registration, scoring, button pushing, filling the throwers with clays, ticket sales and putting the equipment away. Many hands make light work. We would also like to thank all of our corporate sponsors who contributed prizes and every shooter was presented with a prize. PICTURES ARE HERE!
       On Saturday September the 12th Fundy Shooting Sports will be hosting a Practical Shooting event open to members. Registration will be capped (numbers to be determined). Match fee is $20 and lunch and beverages are included in match fee. This event will utilize IPSC Safety rules which are very stringent. If you have not completed an IPSC Black Badge Course or have some form of holster training you will be allowed to carry your unloaded and holstered firearm on the range, but WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO DRAW A LOADED FIREARM FROM THE HOLSTER. Provisions will be made and explained to you at the match. You will need a serviceable and safe handgun 9mm or larger, belt mounted holster and belt mounted magazine pouches will be an asset, OR a 9mm pistol caliber carbine with spare magazines and magazine carriers. You will require a minimum of 4 magazines for either your pistol or pistol caliber carbine (PCC) but more would be better. If you need additional ones, let me know maybe we can find some loaners. There will be shooter movement between targets and you will be under strict supervision of a Range Officer. If you have a loaded firearm, the trigger finger must be off the trigger unless you are engaging targets and muzzle must be pointed down range. ZERO EXCEPTIONS. Violations of either of these two infractions will result in match disqualification. Safety first. If you have not shot one of these events before, come out and watch and see if it interests you. If it does, we can get you some training and get you started. Please be advised that this event is geared more towards experienced shooters that shoot IPSC but if you are even a bit interested you should come out and at least see it in person and check it out. This may not be for the faint of heart: your round count will be 175+ rounds so bring lots. Preregistration is mandatory, no exceptions. Registration will open up to non club members over the weekend. Please register via email to and make the subject line "Outlaw Match". You will need to provide me with proof of Black Badge Training or similar training or experience to be permitted to draw a loaded firearm. Safety has to be everyone's number 1 priority. I will need to know what you will be shooting and what equipment you have, or may be in need of so include that information in your registration email. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me - Jody Waring, Match Director


       Our Annual Youth Shoot will be held on Saturday August 15 at 10:00. It is open to the children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews of our members who are between the ages of 10 and 17. Members are to provide their own .22LR rifles and ammunition. Please ensure that your rifle is sighted in prior to the shoot as there will be no time to do so before to the shoot. We will be giving away on a draw basis a Ruger 10/22 Semi-automatic .22LR wooden stocked rifle complete with 3 spare magazines, a Avid 10/22 field pack, 6 flashlights, package of self adhesive targets, pin on ball compasses, carabiners, as well as 5 range bags, a sleeping bag, hoodie, camo T shirt, hats, frisbees, and some participant medals as well. If any member wishes to donate any additional prizes please let Dave Greene know. If you are planning on attending please email Dave - so we will have enough prizes and food for everyone. This is a great opportunity to win a new rifle. The club has a Marlin 795 semi-auto rifle with 5 magazines for members to use if you do not have a .22LR.
       We are holding a 100 yard rifle match at Fundy Shooting Sports. Looking to do something similar to an F Class event for scoped rifles, but a little more relaxed. It will be on Saturday, August 8th , starting at 10:00 am. Steven Stewart will be bring his electronic target scoring system and he and Nick Munn will set it up first thing in the morning. The registration fee is $10 per shooter, email Nick Munn to register at . We will be shooting two (2) strings of 12 shots, (2 sighters and 10 for score). Shooting will be done from the benches and the prone position, shooters choice. If you do not have a rifle but would like to try this event a .308 and .223 rifle will be available for your use (bring your own ammo). If you have an IPad or other internet capable device, bring that to see your target hits. We will have loaners if you do not have a device. If you have any questions please contact Nick directly - . All other ranges will be open to the membership during this shoot.
       There will be a Level 1 IPSC Pistol event at the club on Saturday August 1st for IPSC competitors. Match fee $15, spectators welcome. The two pistol ranges will be in use until 5 PM that day. Range stage construction will begin during the week, members are asked not to disturb or damage range props and materials. If you have any questions please contact Jody Waring - .


       On Thursday July 30th at 7:00 PM at Lawton's West in the Community Room on the second floor we will be accepting new member applications and having a Range Safety Orientation. If you have any friends or family that wish to join Fundy Shooting Sports Inc. please let them know. Have them bring a completed membership form, it is a fillable form, their valid Firearms License and $85 membership fee. Please let me know who is coming as we still have to social distance and seating is limited. If you have any questions please contact Dave Greene.
       The club is now taking orders for vehicle front license plates. What a great opportunity to promote your club and show support for the firearms community. There are two styles to chose from, logo only or logo and name. The cost is $20 each and you can order yours from Tye Barter via email - . Make the subject line License Plate.


       As many predicted the new powers granted to the RCMP are already being used to turn firearms owners into instant criminals without notice or reason. This recent action did not receive any attention in the media other than a small local story in British Colombia. READ the full story here. Please, if you haven't already, JOIN THE CCFR.


       The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) is launching a constitutional challenge against the liberal government and their massive, overreaching firearms ban. Please, if you haven't already, JOIN THE CCFR.
       Special thanks to members who answered the call for a work detail Monday afternoon, May 11th, that installed jute netting on the 25/50 yard backstop to help prevent erosion. Thanks to members like you our club continues to function; without volunteers we would have to shut down.


       Please click the following links and sign these E-petitions to show your displeasure with the Trudeau government's trampling of the democratic process with the rushed and flawed introduction of the emotion-driven firearms ban.
       Due to the most unfortunate announcement yesterday by the Liberal government we have been left with no other option than banning all firearms on the attached list from the range. Like it or not, we must maintain our composure and follow the law. Any member or guest found with a newly prohibited firearm at the range will have their membership terminated. We cannot jeopardize our range status by any member who is breaking the law. We most certainly expect that this gun ban will be contested and will do our best to keep our Members informed with any updates. Any questions contact Bill Nason (696-2279) or Blake Tibbetts (647-2182) PARTIAL LIST: · M16, AR-10, AR-15 rifles and M4 carbine · Ruger Mini-14 rifle · US Rifle M14 · Vz58 rifle and CZ858 rifle · Robinson Armament XCR rifle · CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and pistol · Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine · SIG Sauer SIG MCX and SIG Sauer SIG MPX carbines and pistols · Swiss Arms Classic Green and Four Seasons series rifles · ALL .50 CALIBRE (.50 BMG) RIFLES       LINK TO COMPLETE LIST OF BANNED FIREARMS
    RESPONSE FROM THE CCFR:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / MAY 02, 2020 / CCFR calls for Blair’s Removal OTTAWA, ON -The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) is calling for the immediate removal of Minister Bill Blair from the Public Safety file. Following a reading of yesterday’s regulation banning a swath of semi-automatic firearms and a briefing with officials from Public Safety, CBSA, Global Affairs, RCMP and the Department of Justice, it was made abundantly clear that the regulations were crafted in haste, and that the government has neither planned nor formulated the rest of the legislation required to implement their hastily crafted policy. As a result, the regulation is both flawed and dangerous. During the briefing the government could not answer simple questions about the methods used for selection, why bolt action firearms were included on the list, why some shotguns are caught in the bore diameter restrictions, why some rimfire firearms are listed contrary to the selection criteria, and on and on. They also stated that the government, on behalf of the Governor in Council, has deemed the list of firearms banned as “not suitable for hunting or sport shooting”, but simultaneously provided an exemption for indigenous owners for the purpose of hunting. Further, this is contrary to the decades-long history of these very firearms being safely used for hunting and sport shooting. This entire regulation bears the mark of an irrational process done in haste, and it divides Canadians. The CCFR further noted that some of the firearms listed in the regulation that are classified as prohibited have exactly the same specifications as other firearms not on the list. This is entirely random and proves without doubt, that the choices made were entirely political in nature. That is not a proper basis for legislation in a democracy. There are also flaws in that no consideration has been given to firearm owners who may move residency within the amnesty period, since transporting of these prohibited firearms is not permitted. The level of incompetence in this act by the Liberal government is astounding. As a result, we feel the Prime Minister and Canadians have been grossly under-served by the Minister and call for his immediate removal from over-seeing this process, and for the repealing of this regulation in order to consult technical experts. In the interim, the CCFR recommends that Canadian firearm owners retain their firearms and NOT turn them in to the government. This deeply flawed process must be reversed immediately. Consultations with legal experts are ongoing. For more information, contact: Tracey Wilson, VP, Public Relations Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights - 1-844-243-CCFR(2237) -
       "Going forward any steel and related items that I build for use for club events will be locked up and I will use my discretion on who has access to them. This is getting beyond ridiculous and I have had it. A few irresponsible members have ruined it for everyone! This is ignorant, disrespectful and criminal as far as I am concerned. Also, not knowing who has keys for the seacan we may need to look at changing that lock as well. The pistol ranges are pig pens as well. We had numerous events all winter and kept the range clean. We stop having matches and it goes to hell in short notice. Sad we can not have more confidence in some of our members." - Jody Waring, Match Director, Handgun/Action Shooting Fundy Shooting Sports Let it be known that I fully support Jody in his decision to restrict access to steel targets for sanctioned shoots. It has been proven yet again that we can not leave steel targets out for members to enjoy and use responsibly. Unfortunately, Jody's efforts to source material and fabricate steel props has not been respected by a select few. Sadly, this ruins it for everyone...On a go forward basis, all steel targets will be locked up and not available to the membership. The containers in the handgun/action shooting ranges will have limited access as well. Keys will be issued to all members of the Executive as well as all members of the Handgun/Action Shooting committee. Additional keys will be available to active participants of HG/AS. All requests for a key will have to be approved by Jody Waring. No exceptions! Any questions please contact Jody or Bill. - Bill Nason, President, Fundy Shooting Sports


       I am pleased to announce that our range is once again open for business! The CFO has given us the green light but all members must adhere to the following rules during this pandemic: Please wear gloves while accessing the gate to gain entry to or upon exit of our facility; Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are provided by the Club and can be found in the sign in container - Please use them as needed; Number of members, guests or onlookers on the range will be limited to 10 people; Small pistol bay - 2 person maximum; Large pistol bay - 2 person maximum; 25/50 yard bay - 3 person maximum; 100 yard range - 3 person maximum. If the range is at full capacity and you wish to wait for someone to leave so you can shoot, please wait in the parking area by the flag at the yellow gate behind the shotgun field containers. Meetings and organized shooting have been suspended indefinitely. Members must respect physical/social distancing of 2 meters! Members found to be in violation of the aforementioned rules/guidelines may be subject to having their membership revoked! If you have any questions please feel free to call (696-2279) or e-mail me. Thanks in advance for your support and co-operation! Bill Nason, President, Fundy Shooting Sports


       Due to the ongoing state of emergency in the province the April monthly meeting has been cancelled. The range has been ordered closed by the Department of Public Safety. New members will not be accepted until further notice due to the inability to provide a range safety orientation. Also, if you were not a member in 2019 you are considered a new member.


       We will be setting up a club steel match Saturday February 29th, first shots at 10:00 AM but please come early to help setup. This will be open to pistol, Pistol Caliber Carbines, rimfire pistols, and rimfire rifles - there will also be some shotgun courses as well. Expect to shoot 100+ rounds on steel and 50 rounds of birdshot. Send an email to if you plan to attend, and which match or matches that you plan to participate in - make the subject line: Steel. Match fee is $10. We will do our best to accommodate, and remember - shooters with similar equipment compete against similar or same to minimize any handicaps. Any member who would like to try this event and would like to borrow the club's Marlin 795 .22LR semi-auto with 5 magazines please contact Dave Greene via email . Come on out and give it a try! As always this is a weather permitting event.


       A funding request was received from the River Valley Volunteer Hunter Instructor Association for $600 to cover costs for 15 youth to attend firearm safety/hunter education courses. The group sponsored 45 youth in 2019, providing free courses, and has covered over $30,000 in costs since inception. As stated in our club constitution "To promote and teach basic safe hunting skills, wildlife conservation and sportsmanship to our youth" we strongly support such endeavours.
    Fundy Shooting Sports Treasurer Dave Greene Presents a cheque for $600 to (L to R) Leo Morehouse, Charlie Cain, Harold Read and Marvin Rathburn.
       On a cold and dark January 25th 17 shooters were in attendance for a steel shoot at the Mispec range. What better way to alleviate the boredom of a Canadian winter than to have a day of shooting and camaraderie? Pictures are here .
       I have recently sourced a deal on some 9mm ammo and would like to offer it up to the membership. A great deal on my personal favorite 9mm plinking/target ammo! Sellier & Bellot 124 grain FMJ. Very limited amount available! DON'T WAIT OR YOU'LL MISS OUT! First come, first served, no "holding until payday"! $300/case per 1000 rounds, taxes included but I would be willing to split cases for $150/per 500 rounds. Contact me (Bill) @ 696-2279 or e-mail me
       Time to renew your membership! Please take the time to complete an application and return it to the executive at a regular monthly meeting or JANUARY 4 FROM 1:00 pm To 3:00 pm at the Church (special meeting, NO NEW MEMBERS!). REMEMBER - The locks have been changed and your key won't work! PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR KEY FROM LAST YEAR! HELP THE CLUB CONTROL COSTS!  Please bring your completed membership renewal form, your old range key stamped “A” and your $75 for one year, $150 for two years or $225 for three years. If you could bring the exact change that would be helpful, or a cheque will do as well. For those members who did purchase multi-year memberships or who joined the club late in the year (after Oct 1st ) you may come in to exchange your old “A” key for a new one. Please remember to bring in your membership card to confirm that you have already paid for the upcoming year. Thank you.
       The liberal government of Justin Trudeau and his minster Bill Blair are poised to enact an emotion driven, media pleasing "gun control" measure that, like all the others before, will empower criminals and destroy more freedom for law abiding Canadians. TAKE ACTION! Please follow the link and read what the CCFR is doing for gun owners in this country and our fight to continue our hobby.

    SIGN PETITION e-2341!

    CCFR - Does your gun collection matter enough to you?

    Goodbye Handguns - CBC News - Trudeau Says Municipal Handgun Ban Won't Be Stopped

    Goodbye Semi's - CBC News - Bill Blair says list of military-style assault weapons that will be prohibited to be released "as quickly as possible"

    What is your club doing to help keep firearms in the hands of law abiding Canadians?
    Fundy Shooting Sports Treasurer Dave Greene Presents a cheque for $1000 to the Canadian Coalition For Firearms Rights representatives Lyne Brazeau, Greg Backman, Terry Matser, Chris Lynch and Luke Godin.
    Now do your part and write your MP and Minister Blair to let them know you own firearms and oppose these infringements on your freedom!
  • Firearms safety / Hunter Education, January 20-24 (12 seats), February 10-14 (25 seats), Milford Community Center, March 9-13 (25 seats) Musquash Fire Hall
  • Firearm safety only, Hampton DNR, January 6 (12 seats), March 9 (12 seats), May 4 (12 seats), July 6 (12 seats), August 4 (12 seats), October 5 (12 seats)
  • Firearm safety / Hunter Education, Hampton DNR, March 11 (20 seats), September 8 (20 seats), October 27 (20 seats)
  • Restricted Firearms, Saint John, January 11-12 (5 seats), February 1-2 (16 seats), March 14-15 (15 seats), April 4-5 (16 seats), May 23-24 (16 seats), June 13-14 (16 seats)
  • Non-Restricted Firearms Courses Schedule

    Restricted Firearms Course Schedule - NB Public Safety

    Restricted Firearms Course Enrollment Form - NB Public Safety